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The journey to self publishing-Interview with Heatherly Bell

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Today we’re lucky enough to be interviewing Heatherly Bell about stepping out of her comfort zone and her journey in Self-Publishing:

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Tricia:  Heatherly, you traditionally published your first book, Harte’s Peak  as Maria Michaels with White Rose publishing, what made you decide to change the course of your writing career and make the leap into Indie publishing as Heatherly Bell?

Heatherly:  That’s a long story, but the short version is that I wanted the freedom to write contemporary romance without offending readers of inspirational fiction. It was also a good way to separate Indie versus Traditional. The jury is still out as to whether or not I will use the Heatherly Bell pen name in any future traditional publishing. Lots of factors will weigh into that decision, I’m sure.

In addition, a traditional publisher will often ask for a non-compete clause in your Indie publishing while you’re under contract…

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All of Me debuted on November 4th and made three different Top 100 lists. The reviews are still coming in, but among them are:

~ The story is a smooth read and has characters that we enjoy getting to know. I love how the town has taken sides and hands a blue or pink ribbon to show their support of either Ivey or Jeff. I would recommend this story to anyone who believes in second chances and happy endings. ~ Amazon Reader, 5 star review

~  The characters were all believable and the story moved along at a great pace. I especially loved how the author slowly revealed the deep motivations behind Ivey’s actions and thought process and how she was able to grow and mature through the story. ~ Amazon Reader, 5 star review

Look for the sequel, Somebody Like You, releasing December 2014.

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Billy Turlock has all the right moves, but Brooke Miller isn’t playing …
Hometown hero/retired baseball pitcher Billy Turlock buys a vineyard right out from under Brooke. Now he wants her to work for him. Brooke takes the job, but the last thing she needs is to fall for her handsome boss.
For Billy, Brooke is the one that got away, but he won’t let her go this time. Even if it means chasing every one of her prospective suitors away. Billy’s ready to knock this one out of the park. All he needs is a second chance.

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